McLean Mortgage Doctor

Susan Apostolico,  Loan Manager   

I focus my time on assisting clients through the mortgage loan process. After meeting with Vinnie and deciding on a mortgage strategy, I am actively involved in keeping all parties to the transaction updated on a weekly basis. Vinnie reviews each file with me in great detail so I am able to communicate with the client throughout the loan process. In addition to ordering the appraisal, I also make sure all supporting documents and special conditions are in the file prior to submitting to our “in-house” processor. My main focus as Vinnie’s loan manager is to make sure the clients loan moves efficiently from start to close. After closing I am also available to assist clients with any questions they may have regarding initial payment coupons, escrow accounts, etc.

VinnieApostolico, Branch Manager 

My primary focus as a certified mortgage planning specialist is to help my client's structure financing options that meet their purchase or refinancing needs. The mortgage industry has undergone major changes in both available products and guidelines for processing and underwriting home loans. My industry experience and product expertise is used to help my clients structure a loan that allows them to meet their financial goals and close on time. Explaining the process and determining what documents will be required to submit a loan for approval are always discussed in our initial consultations. Once we have reviewed the required documents and decided on a mortgage strategy, I will provide accurate estimates for monthly payments and closing costs. I also monitor the mortgage market to help clients make an educated decision on when to lock their interest rate. 

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